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Friday, February 25, 2011

STPM results...

Before i went to take my result at school, i was very worry about my result. After i reached my school, i could see that some of them smile while others showed their sad emotion on their face. I saw my classmates sad and some of them crying.

After that, i went to take my result from my former class teacher. When everybody asked me to tear it open in front of them, i was very nervous to see my result at that time. After that, i was quite surprised to see my result, no C!! And the pointer i got also was in my expectation.

However, i also quite surprised to see my bio result, wtf, none of us got A or A- for bio le, and myself only got B-, but i did got confident to get better result in bio instead of only B-.

After that, i knew that i'm lucky to get 3.0 as there are only 15% of STPM students in malaysia got the result which is 3.0 and above. In conclusion, i did quite satisfied with my result as i did'n take tuition in form 6 and i started to work harder after i was motivated by my bad result during my trial exam in form 6.

In conclusion, now i already passed the toughest exam in malaysia, so i think there nothing problems for me to encounter harder condition. Gambate for all the form 6 students to work harder to get better result...

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